• Mike Fisher X Old Star Press "Gator Shark" Posters

    "Half Gator / Half Shark / Half Ripper"

    Posters Now On Sale!

    4-Color Screen Print

    Limited run of 28
    11" x 17" on 100# cover stock

    Mike Fisher and I go way back. And by way back, I mean 15 years of working and skating together. You may remember his artwork gracing many an Old Star Skateboard or T-shirt (including our very first deck). A few years back I bought the original painting of the Half Gator / Half Shark from Mike. Recently, I contacted him about using the artwork for the cover of Old Star's first zine titled "Loose Trucks". Not only was he down, but he thought a poster of it might be in order as well. I couldn't agree with him more. So here it is.

    We went for a Sunday Comics feel with big halftones and line art overlayed in black. The Loose Trucks lettering was done by C-Gull of Old Star lore. Signed and numbered by Mike Fisher and hella limited to 28.

    Printed completely in-house by Old Star Press in Venice, CA.

    4-color Screenprint of Mike Fisher's "Gator Shark Ripper" on Heavy White Cover Stock

    Signed and Numbered

    Check out the posters here...

    Check out Mike Fisher's work here...

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