Contact Old Star Press

Contact us for custom letterpress business cards, or other custom press work. Old Star Press enjoys printing short run posters and broadsides for artists and bands. Drop me a line, and let's make something happen.

If you are in need of Letterpress Business Cards: It's easy. Send us your info you want on the card, with an idea of what style you might dig. You could be an architect who wants clean lines and a deep impression on 100% cotton card stock. Or perhaps you wear a mustache, ride a vintage bicycle to work, and have a penchant for turn-of-the-centry aesthetics on recycled chipboard. Or maybe, just maybe, you want your calling card to feature handset metal type printed on repurposed 6-pack and 12-pack Beer Boxes. What ever floats your boat: we are here to listen and print.

-Jim Callans
Old Star Press